Holidays&Co French Simplified Joint-Stock Company with capital of €98042,60 With its registered office at Parc Technopolitain Atalante – 7 Allée Métis - Odyssée Bâtiment C - 35435 SAINT MALO – France RCS ST MALO, France. HR ST MALO 498 339 340 Travel agency licence no. N°IM 035170003 Financial guarantee: APST - Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme (Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity). Professional civil liability insurance: HISCOX contract no. 023 42 42. Camping and co is a trademark of HOLIDAYS&CO.



These general conditions govern, ipso jure, all of the bookings made by HOLIDAYS&CO on behalf of its customers.


They form an integral part of any contract concluded between HOLIDAYS&CO and its customers.


Each customer acknowledges having read these general conditions in advance of making any holiday booking, for him/herself and for any person participating in the holiday. For example, each reservation for a stay implies that these general terms and conditions have been unconditionally accepted and that they have the upper hand on all other conditions, as well as the special conditions that can be found on the website and relate to the reserved stay.


In compliance with the provisions of Article L.113-3 of the French Consumer Code and the provisions of the French Tourism Code, these general conditions are made available to any customer, for information purposes, prior to the conclusion of any booking contract. They can also be obtained by means of a simple written request, to be addressed to the registered office of HOLIDAYS&CO.


The bookings made by HOLIDAYS&CO on behalf of its customers are thus governed by these general conditions, the French Tourism Code and the applicable regulations.


The total or partial nullity of any clause of these general conditions does not nullify the other provisions.



These general conditions may be amended at any time, without prior notice, it being understood that such amendments will be inapplicable to bookings made prior to this time.




Each customer recognizes the legal capacity to conclude a contract on the conditions described in the following sales conditions, this means that he/she is of age and not under custody or curatorship.




All of the details concerning the locations of the campsites in which the holidays are offered, the type of accommodation, their location, their level of comfort and main characteristics, their certification and their tourist classification correspond to the regulations or customs practised in the country in which they are located and are defined in the description of each holiday on offer.


The classification assigned to each campsite, as featured in the description, corresponds to a classification established in reference to the local standards in the country of destination, and which may therefore differ from French standards.


HOLIDAYS&CO shall endeavour to inform customers of the accommodation conditions as accurately as possible. The assessments provided in the descriptions are based, in particular, on HOLIDAYS&CO’s knowledge of the establishments and the reviews submitted by customers.


HOLIDAYS&CO shall endeavour to depict its offers using photos or illustrations that provide a realistic view of the offered holidays. It is nonetheless pointed out that the photos and illustrations featuring in the description are simply illustrative and do not fall within the scope of the contract.



It is possible that certain activities offered by the campsites and indicated in the description accessible on the website may be cancelled on account of the weather, in case of force majeure, in the case of holidays during low season, or if the minimum number of participants required for the activity is not reached. HOLIDAYS&CO cannot be held liable for these cancellations or for any damage compensation whatsoever.




All bookings, in order to be deemed valid, must be made via or via the Camping and co call centre, and must be preceded by the acceptance of these general conditions.


Any booking made on or with the Camping and co telephone booking centre shall be deemed final and definitive.


However, HOLIDAYS&CO reserves the right to cancel the booking, within a period of 72 hours from the confirmation of the booking by the customer, if the booked holiday turns out to be unavailable.


In this case, HOLIDAYS&CO will inform the customer and will offer him/her an equivalent service. If this offer is refused by the customer, the booking will be cancelled and the paid sums refunded in full, without the customer being able to claim additional compensation.


All group bookings must be sent and notified by E-mail to: or by phone: 02 0380 85378.


HOLIDAYS & CO reserves the right to study the application before accepting or refusing it.


HOLIDAYS & CO considers as a "group booking", any reservation(s) of 3 or more accommodations and / or 12 or more persons made by the same or different natural persons but knowing each other and traveling together at same dates and in the same campsite.




The legal provisions regarding the right of withdrawal in the case of remote selling, as outlined in the French Consumer Code, are not applicable to tourist services (Article L.121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code).


Thus, for any holiday order placed with HOLIDAYS&CO, the customer shall have no right of withdrawal.





The price of holidays offered for booking by HOLIDAYS&CO is stated in the local currency of the country from which the booking is being made.


The customer is hereby advised of the fact that certain additional taxes may be imposed by the local authorities and must be paid on-site. These additional taxes, if such taxes exist, are the sole responsibility of the customer, and are not included in the price of the holiday to be paid to HOLIDAYS&CO.


Except in the case of a booking that includes additional services, the prices indicated only include accommodation (subject to the conditions described on the HOLIDAYS&CO website).


The stated prices do not include, in particular:

- the paid activities offered by the campsite;

- the additional paid services offered by the campsite;

- the transport;

- the meals and beverages.


The processing fees for each booking, indicated when placing an order, are added to the stated price.


No promotional codes can be taken into account once the booking has been made.



In the event of a manifest error in the published price, such as a derisory price compared to the average price recorded on the same stay during the same period, the customer is informed that the contract is deemed to be void and will be refunded of his deposit or the total price paid without compensation, whatever the period in which the company realizes the error, unless the customer accepts the price normally applicable and communicated by the company HOLIDAYS & CO.





Three means of payment are offered to the customer when paying for his/her holiday, in accordance with the conditions set out in the paragraph below: 

-    Immediate payment in full

-    Payment in three times by credit card

-    Down payment.


The conditions of payment are as follows:


For bookings made more than 65 days prior to the start of the holiday, the 3 means of payment are possible.

For bookings made more than 42 days prior to the start of the holiday, immediate payment in full or down payment are possible.

For bookings made 40 days or less prior to the start of the holiday, the customer can only use the ‘immediate payment in full’ method, with payment to be made by credit card.


The procedure for the down payment method is as follows:  

-    A deposit corresponding to 25% of the price of accommodation and any options, as well as the administration and insurance costs in full, is paid at the time of booking.

-    The balance is to be paid no later than 40 days prior to the holiday start date.

HOLIDAYS&CO accepts online payments by credit card (VISA, Mastercard). The payment is secure and compliant with applicable regulations.


HOLIDAYS&CO also accepts the following means of payment:

-    Bank transfer




The customer must comply with the internal regulations of the campsite in which he/she is holidaying, which he/she will be able to read upon arrival at the premises.


In particular, he/she undertakes to pay any security deposit that may be requested by the campsite in which the holiday has been booked.


Certain provisions of the internal regulations are specified in the description of each holiday. Thus, the customer undertakes to verify that the chosen holiday corresponds to his/her order (in particular whether or not animals are permitted, the capacity of the chosen accommodation etc.), and accepts personal liability for any consequences that may result.  The manager of the holiday destination alone is authorised to settle any disputes that may arise regarding the application of the internal regulations of his/her establishment.


HOLIDAYS & CO declines any responsibility in the event of exclusion by the campsite of one of its customers, for failure to respect the rules of procedure.


It is forbidden to exceed the maximum occupancy capacity per type of accommodation.


For obvious reasons of safety (swimming pool, possible evacuation of the campsite in case of weather alert) or health (possible hospitalization during the stay), unaccompanied minors of one of their legal administrators within the meaning of the Article 389 of the Civil Code, are not admitted. In addition, camping sites are not authorized, within the meaning of Decree No. 2002-883 of 3 May 2002 on the protection of minors during school holidays, professional leave and leisure, to ensure stays collective or individual outside the family home of minors under 18, unaccompanied by one of their legal administrators referred to in the previous paragraph.




Upon complete payment of the price of the holiday, a voucher will be sent to the customer. The voucher will state all of the characteristics of the holiday booked by the customer. It must be presented to the campsite by the customer.  



- Free cancellation within 48 hours (subject to the conditions set out below)


The customer can cancel a reservation free of charge under the following conditions:

  • the said reservation is made less than 48 hours before the time the customer cancels the reservation under the conditions described below, and
  • the stay corresponding to the reservation starts later than 32 days after the cancellation, and
  • that the customer cancels the reservation according to the procedure described below.


The customer must take advantage of this free cancellation option:

  • connect to his customer account on the website, and
  • the cancellation of his reservation free of charge via the specific procedure provided for this type of cancellation in the customer's account.


If the cancellation request complies with all the above conditions, HOLIDAYS&CO shall refund the sums paid by the customer for the said reservation within 3 to 7 working days from the date of receipt by HOLIDAYS&CO of the customer's bank details if the reservation was made by other means than a credit card.


- Other cancellation conditions

Any request for the cancellation of a booking made by the customer must be submitted, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, to the following address: HOLIDAYS&CO – Service Client - Parc Technopolitain Atalante – 7 Allée Métis - Odyssée Bâtiment C - 35435 Saint-Malo, France.


The cancellation of the booking will incur the following fees:

-    Cancellation more than 30 days prior to the holiday start date: 25% of the price of the holiday, including tax

-    Cancellation between 29 and 14 days prior to the holiday start date: 75% of the price of the holiday, including tax

-    Cancellation less than 14 days prior to the holiday start date: 100% of the price of the holiday, including tax


In any case, the processing fee and the cancellation insurance premium will not be refunded.


The customer has the option to take out holiday cancellation/interruption insurance with HOLIDAYS&CO, the conditions of which are available on request. 


After subscription, if you justify a previous guarantee for the risks covered by the insurance purchased, you have the option to waive this insurance without charge within 14 days of its conclusion and as long as no guarantee is provided has been implemented. For this it will be necessary to send us your request by E-mail to 


Failure by the customer to respect the payment schedule will be considered by HOLIDAYS&CO to be a cancellation on the part of the customer, irrespective of the formal conditions set out above. 


Any stay interrupted for any reason whatsoever, will not give rise to any refund. In addition, if the customer waives, during the stay or less than 14 days before his arrival, one or more of the services / options ordered, he/she cannot require any reduction of the price from HOLIDAYS & CO.




Should the customer arrive later or leave earlier than the dates and times stipulated on the voucher, no refund will be issued.


If the customer does not contact the campsite within 24 hours after the planned time of arrival stated on the voucher, the holiday will be placed back up for sale. 




In accordance with Articles L.211-12 and R.211-9 of the French Tourism Code, the customer may transfer his/her contract to a third party, on the condition that he/she inform HOLIDAYS&CO by means of registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt no later than 7 days prior to the start of the holiday, clearly stating the names and addresses or the transferee(s), providing evidence that these individuals fulfil the same conditions as him/herself in order to make use of the holiday (in particular in the case of children, who must be within the same age bracket).


The transferor and the transferee shall be jointly liable for the payment of any outstanding balance and for the additional fees incurred as a result of the transfer.




Actions resulting from a contractual amendment shall incur the following fees:

€40 in the case of an amendment within the same establishment (change of type of accommodation, or a change to the date of departure), subject to the availability of the new accommodation with the supplier more than 30 days prior to departure. After this deadline, the cancellation conditions will apply.


No fee will be applied if the amendment of the booking does not result in the amendment of the booked accommodation (in particular, the amendment of the names of participants, provided that the number of participants does not exceed the maximum capacity of the accommodation).


Any other amendment requested by the customer will be considered a de facto cancellation and will thus be subject to the cancellation conditions laid out in Article X.



If, prior to the start of the customer’s holiday, HOLIDAYS&CO is forced by an external event to make an amendment to one of the essential elements of the contract, the customer may, without prejudice to any claim for damages suffered, and having been informed by HOLIDAYS&CO:

-    either terminate the contract and obtain an immediate refund of any sums paid, without penalty;

-    or accept the amendment or the substitute holiday offered by HOLIDAYS&CO; an addendum to the contract specifying the amendments made will then be signed by the parties; any reduction in price will be deductible from any sums still payable by the customer and where the payment already made by the customer exceeds the price of the amended service, the excess will be refunded prior to the date of departure.


If, prior to the customer’s departure and in the absence of fault on the part of the customer, HOLIDAYS&CO should cancel the holiday, they must inform the customer by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The customer, without prejudice to any claim for damages suffered, will receive an immediate refund from HOLIDAYS&CO of the sums paid, without penalty.


The above provisions shall not prevent the conclusion of an amicable agreement between the parties regarding the acceptance by the customer of a substitute holiday offered by HOLIDAYS&CO. The customer will then accept the amendments made, as well as any reduction or increase in price resulting from the amendments, and will thereby waive any claim relating to the amendments made to the holiday.


If, following the customer’s departure, HOLIDAYS&CO should find itself unable to provide a major part of the services provided for in the contract, accounting for a considerable percentage of the price honoured by the customer, unless this inability is duly justified, HOLIDAYS&CO must immediately take the following steps, without prejudice to any claim for damages suffered:


-    either offer services as a replacement for the planned services, covering any increase in price and, if the services accepted by the customer are of inferior quality, HOLIDAYS&CO will refund the difference in price to him/her upon his/her return 


-    or, if it cannot offer a replacement service or if the replacement services offered are refused by the customer for valid reasons, provide the customer, without additional cost, with travel tickets to ensure his/her return to the place of departure or another location accepted by both parties, under conditions that could be deemed equivalent.




HOLIDAYS&CO, in accordance with the provisions of Article L.211-17 of the French Tourism Code, shall be liable to the customer, ipso jure, for the proper performance of the obligations resulting from the contract for the sale of the holiday, whether these obligations are to be fulfilled by the company itself or by other service providers, without prejudice to his/her right to claim against said service providers.


However, HOLIDAYS&CO may be released from all or part of its liability ensuing from the transactions concluded with its customers by providing evidence that the failure to perform or poor performance of the contract is attributable to the customer, an unforeseeable and unavoidable act on the part of a third party not involved in the provision of the services stipulated in the contract, or a case of force majeure.




It is the responsibility of the customer to read the list of administrative and/or health-related formalities to be carried out and, should a special situation arise (in particular for citizens of countries other than France), to enquire with the competent bodies and verify the compliance of the travel documents to be completed for the booked holiday and essential for the holiday itself (including, but not limited to: passport, visas, proof of vaccinations, etc.).


All measures and fees required in order to obtain the administrative and/or health-related documents shall remain the responsibility of the customer. Moreover, in the event of the non-compliance or absence of necessary documents, all of the resulting consequences (in particular the inability to take advantage of the booked holiday) as well as any fees incurred shall remain the sole responsibility of the customer. Thus, the price of the holiday in particular is non-refundable.


HOLIDAYS&CO cannot be held liable for failure on the part of the customer to respect the administrative and/or health-related formalities and their consequences.




HOLIDAYS&CO has professional civil liability insurance with the HISCOX Insurance Company, the registered office of which is located at 1 Great St. Helen’s, London, EC3A 6HX, United Kingdom, by means of a contract filed under no. 023.42.42


The aim of this contract is to insure HOLIDAYS&CO against the financial consequences of its professional civil liability, and it is concluded in compliance with the provisions of French Law no. 92-645 of 13 July 1992, fixing the conditions for the performance of activities relating to the organisation and sale of trips and holidays.


Contractual guarantee amount: 1,500,000 Euros


It is specified that no insurance is included in the price of the holidays presented on the website. HOLIDAYS&CO thus strongly encourages its customers to examine their personal insurance cover and, if necessary, to supplement it by concluding an additional contract with their insurer, with regard to the booked holiday.



Upon arrival at the campsite, the customer is required to check the inventory and inventory of his accommodation (equipment inventory, equipment status and cleanliness). Any claim must be reported on site at the campsite or the person in charge of accommodation. The customer has 24 hours to report to his contact person on the spot and to HOLIDAYS & CO the anomalies noted. After this period, the place of stay will be considered as free of damage when it enters the premises and complaints will no longer be admissible. In any case, no post-stay claim will be taken into account if the facts have not been declared to the on-site camping representative or to HOLIDAYS & CO during the stay.


If you have not been able to obtain satisfaction, we invite you to send a written notice of your complaint to HOLIDAYS & CO - Customer Service - Parc Technopolitain Atalante - 7 Allée Métis - Odyssée Bâtiment C - 35435 Saint Malo, France within the imperative period of fifteen (15) days from the date of the end of the stay (the postmark is authentic). After this period, and / or if the campsite or the host has not been notified directly on site by the customer no claim will be taken into account.


No complaint or challenge of answer is accepted by telephone. A writing must be sent to the department concerned for the file to be re-examined. Our offices are not open to the public, so any claim must be in writing.


Our Customer Service will process your request within a maximum of 2 months from the date of receipt of your E-mail.


Any request for reconsideration of the file must be the subject of a written return from the customer within 14 days of the response sent by E-mail or letter by HOLIDAYS&CO, otherwise the file will be considered closed.


After having entered the service claim and in the absence of satisfactory answer or in the absence of answer within 60 days, the customer can seize the mediator of Tourism and the Travel, whose coordinates and procedures of referral are available on his site :


No claim will be accepted for lost, damage or theft of luggage, clothing or personal items placed under the supervision of the customer during the period of stay.




HOLIDAYS & CO collects and processes personal data as data controller in compliance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.

The categories of personal data collected by HOLIDAYS&CO are as follows:

- customer(s) contact data,

- customer(s) identification data, as well as other participants whose data will have been communicated by the customer(s),

- bank details of the customer(s).


The data collected by HOLIDAYS&CO is used by the relevant services of HOLIDAYS&CO, in its capacity as controller, for the following purposes:

• creation and management of the customer's account;

• processing customer requests and reservations;

• monitoring the execution of the order;

- in the context of activities related to the operation of the services offered by HOLIDAYS&CO:

• improvement of the services offered by HOLIDAYS&CO;

• monitoring of customer relations and collection of opinions;

• commercial solicitation by HOLIDAYS&CO for similar products or services;

• detection of fraudulent activities or breaches of security of the services provided by HOLIDAYS&CO and related prosecutions;

• response to a request for legal communication;


The data collected by HOLIDAYS&CO are communicated to the providers and partners of HOLIDAYS&CO under the following conditions:


- the data collected as part of the processing of orders and the execution of the reserved services are transmitted to the partners of HOLIDAYS&CO where the bookings are made;


- companies to which HOLIDAYS&CO has entrusted services related to the services offered by HOLIDAYS&CO such as the processing of credit cards, it being understood that these companies are contractually obliged to protect all personal data transmitted to them in this context;


As part of the management of the reservations made by the customers, HOLIDAYS&CO may be required to transmit personal data to the partners from whom the bookings were made that would be located outside the European Union. Only the data whose transmission is necessary to ensure the taking into account and good management of said reservations will be transmitted in this context.


Data whose collection is necessary to use the service offered by HOLIDAYS&CO are marked with an asterisk.


The treatments are carried out on the following legal bases:

- execution of a contract between the customer and HOLIDAYS&CO;

- legitimate interests of HOLIDAYS&CO to process bookings made by a customer for other participants;

- legitimate interests of HOLIDAYS&CO concerning the use of data in the context of activities related to the operation of the services as described above.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, the customer, as well as the other participants, can exercise the following rights on the personal data concerning him / her, under the conditions and limits provided for by the regulation:

- right of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation;

- right to limit treatment, as of 25 May 2018;

- right to portability of data, as of 25 May 2018;

- right for the customer to define his instructions for the storage, erasure and communication of his personal data after his death.


These rights are exercised by mail to the following address: SAS HOLIDAYS&CO – Parc Technopolitain Atalante 7 Allée Métis - Odyssée Bâtiment C – 35435 SAINT MALO – France accompanied by a copy of the customer's identity document.


The customer can also modify his data by logging into his customer account.


Finally the customer is informed that he can lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (the National Commission for Data Processing and Freedoms (CNIL) in France).


The customer's identification data are kept for the duration of the contractual relationship. The contact data (such as the email address) of the customer is retained for a period of three years from the end of the business relationship.


The data necessary to comply with a legal obligation are kept in accordance with the provisions in force (in particular those provided for by the French Commercial Code, the French Civil Code and the French Consumer Code).



These general conditions and the contract concluded between HOLIDAYS&CO and the customers are subject to French law. Any dispute relating to their interpretation and/or execution shall fall under the jurisdiction of the French courts.


The fact that HOLIDAYS&CO does not, at a given moment, avail itself of one of the provisions of the General Conditions cannot be interpreted as a waiver of its right to avail itself of one of these provisions at a later stage.



Except in the event of an obvious error on the part of HOLIDAYS&CO of which the customer is able to provide evidence, the data stored in the Camping and co computer system shall have probative value as to orders placed and the information provided by the customer.




In accordance with article R. 211-12 of the French Tourism Code, articles R. 211-3 to R. 211-11 of the French Tourism Code are reproduced below.


R. 211-3: Subject to the exclusions provided for in the third and fourth paragraphs of Article L. 211-7, any offer or sale of travel or holiday services shall give rise to the delivery of appropriate documents that comply with the rules defined in this section.


In the case of the sale of air transport tickets or transport tickets on a regular line not accompanied by services related to such transport, the seller delivers the buyer one or more tickets for the entire journey, issued by the carrier or his responsibility. In the case of transportation on demand, the name and address of the carrier on whose behalf the tickets are issued must be mentioned.


The separate invoicing of the various elements of the same tourist package does not exempt the seller from the obligations that are made to him by the regulatory provisions of this section.


Article R. 211-3-1: The exchange of pre-contractual information or the provision of contractual conditions is made in writing. They can be done electronically under the conditions of validity and exercise provided for in Articles 1125 to 1127-6, 1176 and 1177 of the Civil Code. Mention shall be made of the name or business name and the address of the seller as well as the indication of his / her registration in the register provided for in Article L. 141-3 or, where appropriate, the name, address and indication the registration of the federation or union referred to in the second paragraph of Article R. 211-2.


Art R.211-4: Prior to the conclusion of the contract, the seller must communicate to the consumer information on prices, dates and other elements of services provided during the trip or stay such as:


1 ° the destination, means, characteristics and categories of transport used;


2 ° The type of accommodation, its location, its level of comfort and its main characteristics, its approval and its tourist classification corresponding to the regulations or customs of the host country;


3 ° The proposed catering services;


4 ° The description of the itinerary when it is a circuit;


5 ° The administrative and health formalities to be performed by nationals or nationals of another member state of the European Union or of a state party to the agreement on the European Economic Area in the event, in particular, of crossing borders and their completion times;


6 ° Visits, excursions and other services included in the package or possibly available at an extra charge;


7 ° The minimum or maximum size of the group allowing the realization of the trip or the stay as well as, if the realization of the journey or the stay is subordinated to a minimum number of customers, the deadline of information of the consumer in the event of cancellation travel or stay; this date cannot be fixed less than twenty-one days before departure;


8 ° The amount or percentage of the price to be paid as an advance payment at the conclusion of the contract and the payment schedule of the balance;


9 ° The price revision procedures as provided for in the contract pursuant to Article R. 211-8;


10 ° Conditions of cancellation of a contractual nature;


11 ° The cancellation conditions defined in articles R. 211-9, R. 211-10 and R. 211-11;


12 ° The information concerning the optional subscription of an insurance contract covering the consequences of certain cases of cancellation or of an assistance contract covering certain particular risks, in particular repatriation costs in the event of an accident or disease ;


13 ° When the contract includes air transport services, the information, for each section of flight, provided for in Articles R. 211-15 to R. 211-18.


Article R. 211-5: The prior information given to the consumer binds the seller,<